Disadvantages Of PHP In Web Development

The popularity of PHP programming language is well documented and celebrated, but there are skeletons in its armor. Experiences with PHP projects have helped to shed light on some issues that users should be well informed about. The most prominent of these disadvantages are listed below in much detail;


  1. Big projects require some experiences – while it is quite easy to accomplish simple and mundane tasks with PHP programming tool, when you up your project(s) to complex ones you will need to have experience and competence that goes with it. Most people who have experienced working on big projects with this web development tool attest to the fact that it feels like you are building a whole house by yourself. Given, its open and flexible nature will aid you into acing small tasks, but it falls short when the class is upped to a mega project. To its credit, PHP is quite easy to learn, but any fresh graduate or novice will find it extremely difficult to develop a complex website with this tool.
  2. The codes only come in plain text – it is with a reason that PHP is referred to as a scripting programming language. Its codes are only accessible as plain text files, worse still they are not compiled. While this will not prove to be a hindrance for anyone who is using the program internally or for light website, it proves to be a setback if your intention is to market your website as a finished product based on PHP. PHP, to its credit, comes with tools that help to arrange the codes into form, but you will need to dig into your pockets and buy them if you want excellent results.
  3. Not all PHP are easy – while PHP is marketed -admittedly with merit – as an easy to learn programming language, you should note that not all of it is a walk in the park. You will not encounter any problems with scripts for many tasks, but you will need to summon all your computer programming and web development skills to perform complex language programs. While a novice and a fresh computer graduate will be able to ace simple scripting tasks, the situation is quite different with Virtual Basic Programming that requires expert knowledge of the subject.
  4. PHP is primarily a web development language – While it may be coated with abilities into its core language as well as numerous core libraries, in the final analysis PHP remains a primary web programming language. What this means is that anyone wishing to master it will need to be equipped with skills in JavaScript, CSS, HTML as well as skills in web usability. The ability to create Flash animations will not hurt either. This means that it is folly to assume that you can ace it by simply mastering its codes and languages.

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