Different Power Sources Of RC Vehicles

Radio controlled cars are basically controlled at a distance by a transmitter or remote. RC has different meaning including radio controlled and remote controlled but the most come use is that it is those vehicles that are controlled by the radio-frequency link. These cars have different models that are powered by different sources. These models include:

  • Electric model
  • Nitro powered model
  • Gasoline powered model

Different Power Sources Of RC Vehicles

Electric Model

Electrically powered models basically utilize mechanical or electronic speed control units to adjust power that is delivered to the electric motor. The power which is delivered to the motor is proportional to the amount of the transmitter. That’s why if you trigger more it will move faster. Electric cars are recently used brushed motors. Due to less maintenance, people are turning brushless motors to higher output. But the power ability of system is dependent on the quality of the batteries used. New and incredible models like WLtoys 10428-C2 is normally electrically powered.

Nitro Powered Model

Nitro powered models uses a single servo for throttle and brake control; the rotation of this servo in one direction causes the throttle to be open that provides more air and fuel mixture to the internal combustion engine. This rotation of the servo in another direction produces torque that is applied to a linkage and cam that causes friction with the braking. The brake which is located on the driveshaft applies stopping power to the driven wheels.

Actually, fuel-powered engines allow model cars to attain moderate speeds unmodified. Electric motors are effectively able to produce instantaneous torque. On the other hand, nitro engines take more time to spool up. The advantage of a nitro powered vehicle is that these cars may be refuelled and returned to action in very few seconds but in the case of electric models, they require removal of the body shell along with battery fasteners to replace a discharged battery.

These cars operate like full-sized fuel vehicles because it uses two stroke engine rather than an electric motor. Cleaning is done by the use of compressed air nozzles along with solvents like denatured alcohol.

Gasoline Powered Model

This is another type of engine used in RC cars. Gasoline-powered vehicles are commonly known as “fuelies” or “gassers” because it runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. They are usually expensive and cost much more than nitro and electric cars. Although these gas powered engines are much bigger than other two types that‘s why require more space to run. These gas-powered motors rarely have a very long lifespan and require low maintenance. These gas powered vehicles are most popular in Europe and many other regions.

These are the types RC engines used in RC cars. These all engines have different capabilities that depend on their usage and plan of their ride. Some people think that they can use their car for a long span of time and for that they prefer gasoline powered vehicle.  Many think that they can use cars with speed high speed then they prefer nitro engine. The majority think that they use a car with less noise and for that purpose they electric engines. Irrespective this, the preference of engine type depends on personal thought.

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