Comtech Systems Inc. Is Awarded A $6.3 Million Contract By A North African Government For Providing Telecommunication Equipment

The Comtech Systems, Inc. subsidiary under the proprietorship of the renowned Comtech Telecommunications Corp. has received an accompanying contract worth 6.3 million dollars. This news was recently announced by the Comtech Telecommunications. The add-on contract is awarded to implement the next phase of deploying a topnotch telecommunication system for a communication network under a North African Government. This announcement was preceded by the company’s August announcement of receiving a 51.1 million dollar contract for the same venture. The supplementary contract received by the Orlando, Florida based firm will be used to deliver equipment for the next phase of the telecommunications system.

The telecommunications system, on which Comtech Systems Inc. is working at present, consists of transmission systems that are fixed as well as transportable. The total amount of estimated time period for the completion of the project has been predicted to be around four years. This time frame is exclusive of the warranty period. The President, as well as the Chief Executive Officer, of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Mr. Fred Kornberg has indicated that they look forward to prolonging their professional association with this foreign-end client in the near and distant future. The awarding of this prestigious contract has contributed significantly in establishing the company as a prime choice for progressive telecommunication solution.

Comtech Telecommunication Corp. is known for designing, improving and manufacturing quality products and systems related to technology and electronics. Their products are used all over the world for voice, facsimile and video transmissions. These are conducted at microwave frequencies in wireless telecommunications, satellites and terrestrial communication infrastructure. They are famed for designing innovative products for cutting-edge communications ideas. The customized solution provided by the firm often plays a crucial role in enhancing the communication systems. They provide an alternative solution in cases when the terrestrial telecommunication substructure falls short in expenses, availability and efficiency.

The Comtech Telecommunications are known to create and design communication products customized for the use of military, industries and governments, both national and foreign. They are known to manufacture products relating to mobile data communication which are used, by the military vehicles, to establish a connection to networks based on satellites. Their broadband amplifiers are in great demand with the medical institutions for cancer treatment and the military for radar detection. Their main client base is comprised of the Department of Defense, oil companies, medical institutions and militaries of foreign governments.

The subsidiary company Comtech Systems, Inc. is a branch of the Comtech Telecommunications Corp., dealing with advanced radio communicating products and turnkey telecommunication systems. Their portfolio is comprised of an extended experience in engineering, designing, production and installation of the products. Designed to provide the highest performance, their systems and tools, are compatible with the most challenging environments. Their turnkey systems are used for commercial and defense application purposes. The firm has established itself as one of the leading companies, known for its pioneering contribution in developing digital applications over tropo links, as well as for providing IP based tropo terminals.

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