Cheap Options That Helps To Boost Up The Speed Of RC Cars

When looking for new emerging RC car. There are new emerging designs along with types are present that mainly depend on our choice and also on the amount of money you want to spend with the thought of how fast you want to go. From beginner to experts all people enjoy these cars effective and enjoyable.

Cheap Options That Helps To Boost Up The Speed Of RC Cars

Many ways are present that help to boost up the speed of your RC car. Toy cars like WLtoys Car are of great pleasure are popular in persons of different ages. Here we discuss some cheaper options that help to alter the speed of the car.

  • Change the gear ratio
  • Experiment with different tires
  • Reduce weight
  • Upgrade your motor with high power brushless system

Change the Gear Ratio

The cheapest way to alter the speed of your RC car is to change its gear ratio. For this, you have to change the pinion which is the small metal gear on the motor or the spur gear which is the large plastic gear of different size. By changing both of them you can attain maximum effect in its speed.

If you want quicker acceleration then go for a smaller pinion gear with fewer teeth and a larger spur gear with more teeth. By doing this your car will accelerate very quickly with more torque. The trade-off is a slower speed which is ideal for smaller spaces where the room is not suitable for a long speed run and also there are many corners or obstacles are present. But always remember that, do not go much longer with opinion because the extra strain on the motor will generate a lot of heat that can affect car more.

Experiment with different Tires

Right tires usage is essential and depends on the surface you are driving. This will give the car more grip so most of the power will available to you. This also helps you to get around the track that is a bit quicker because tires are very important for your car’s speed.

There are different types of tires present that depend upon your car along with its design and way where you have to ride this RC car.

Reducing the Weight

By reducing the weight of an RC car your car will certainly speed up. You can reduce weight by replacing heavy parts with light ones that made from carbon, graphite or aluminium. Weight also depends upon your battery power because high power battery is capable riding effectively but low power battery can be affected by weight that generates from heavy parts of your car.

Upgrade your Motor with High Power Brushless System

RC cars no doubt create interest from the first drive. Your motor must be upgraded to ensure maximum effectiveness or improvement in your RC car because today effective or more energetic models like Wltoys A959 are present in the market that attracts the visitors and other persons towards them.

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