Challenges in the IT Sector

If you have reached a stage in your IT career where you feel stagnated, or wonder if the results you are getting justify the amount of time and effort that you are putting in, you need to take a step back and reassess your career goals. One of the best ways to boost your career in the IT field is by extending your knowledge and learning about the key applications of the future. SAP careers will enable you to do so while being a part of a multinational company that has branches in over fifty countries and which serves as the technology partner of more than half of the top five hundred companies in the world. However, even though a leader in this field, SAP also has to prepare itself to face some of the key HR challenges in the IT sector in the country.


Problem of recruitment planning

The rapid expansion of the IT industry in the past few years has thrown up the challenge of finding, hiring, and managing new recruits for various job openings. Human resource is one of the most important assets of any company and poor management of the same results in low productivity and high costs for the organization. Thus, it is extremely important to take recruitment planning seriously and finding the right candidate for the right job. That apart, the HR department needs to develop new policies that nurture the best talents in the organization and encourage them to lead the company from the frontlines.

Problem of managing performance

Once the human resource department finds the right candidate for the job, it has to take steps to ensure optimum performance of the employee. Thus, it has to develop a performance module that measures and manages the performance of various employees, provides them opportunities to enhance their performance, and rewards the same to develop a performance-oriented work culture.

This is sorely missing in the IT industry today, especially when it comes to measuring as well as managing non-technical performance. This includes assessing project risk, outlining project schedule and budget, and establishing a project deadline. Unless a proper and effective performance management module is in force, an IT company is likely to fail when it comes to delivering promised results on time and within budget.

Problem of HR training and skill development

Unlike the professionals with Sapient careers who are trained to handle various work-related challenges well in advance, most IT companies lack a proper training and development program. This puts their employees at a disadvantage when it comes to fulfilling various duties and responsibilities while on the job. Moreover, lack of skill development programs inhibits the scope of growth within the organization as well.

Problem of compensation management

One of the biggest challenges that the IT sector is facing currently is compensation management. The IT sector is one of the top paying sectors in the country and poor compensation management is the main culprit behind high attrition rate in this highly competitive industry. Unless these challenges are overcome in the near future, the prospects of the IT industry do not look too good.

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