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How Drones Are Changing Festival Photography

Next time you’re at a music festival, take a look in the sky. Chances are you might see a drone flying around for the purposes of capturing the immense of the crowd that you’re currently trapped within. With the popularization of drones, we are able to capture the scope and excitement of large-scale events like […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date And Features Possibilities

Every year we see improvement and technology in Smartphone. Every year we have a new gift of technology in our hands.   The last quarter of 2014 was good for the Smartphone companies and some of them are testing their new flagship of the decade. Well, there is a hint that Samsung is also going to […]

Merlot Red And Rose Gold Makes Choosing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Easy

Samsung has introduced two new colors to its selection of Galaxy Note 3. Smart phone are now not restricted to communicating with people, but they also serve as fashion accessories these days. The two colors, merlot red and rose gold will join the existing colors of classic white, jet black and blush pink of Samsung […]