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Disadvantages Of PHP In Web Development

The popularity of PHP programming language is well documented and celebrated, but there are skeletons in its armor. Experiences with PHP projects have helped to shed light on some issues that users should be well informed about. The most prominent of these disadvantages are listed below in much detail;   Big projects require some experiences […]

Web Development Career: Freelancer

Web development industry is a thriving one, and while it is prudent to be contracted by big corporations as an employee, greater joy can be found if you choose to be a freelance web developer. Below are some helpful insights to guide you through freelance web development career. How to Start out As with any […] Website Review is a website by the Discovery Channel and is sort of a hub for all the things shown in the show as well as other things that are relevant to the show’s theme. The site does not post instructions on how to make things, that is a totally different show. The purpose of the […]

Application industry and iPhone

Ever since the smartphones started to come into the lives of people, the application industry started expanding exponentially. Many might not know but it is a billion dollar industry and its revenue is expected to reach levels of $15 billion before 2011 ends. It all started with Apple’s App Store, an online place from where […]