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Revlon’s Private Cloud

Private cloud serves are a relatively new innovation. The cloud server provides a good way for the owner to spread out the computer, provide redundancy and reduce its server load times.Cloud servers are not the same thing as a VPS. Large companies prefer to have their own private infrastructure rather than rely on a hosting […]

The Changing Role of the Webmasters

The internet is a storehouse of websites that house innumerable pages of information, knowledge, images and content about various topics. However, it is not just a source of information but it has also evolved as a great market place where people buy and sell their products and services, as well. Ecommerce has become an important […]

Top Smartphone Apps for Winning Prizes!

You may not realize this, but there are actually a number of Smartphone apps out there which you can download, and then From simple contest apps to QR code scanner apps, there is more than one way to win an awesome prize with your Smartphone. In fact, your options are pretty much limitless depending […]