Capture Photographs and Videos by a Camera Installed in your Small Helicopter

It is true that capturing photographs and videos is now quite easy to do especially with the help of digital technology. It will be easy for you to take photographs or videos from even a helicopter now which is undoubtedly quite amazing. You don’t need to control your device for this. What you need is to install a very little camera. There are flying video cameras now which can be attached to a helicopter and it will help you to capture photographs or video from a helicopter.

The voice controlling system is also there on this device. Therefore, it can also capture the sound with the visual stream. Not only you can capture the videos and photographs but you can share this video streaming from the Smartphones with the help of various social networking websites. You need to have an Android Smartphone to take the video streaming and photographs from the camera installed in the helicopter.

Capture Photographs and Videos by a Camera Installed in your HelicopterAccording to Android Authority, they are working on this new photography and video streaming technology. They are always following the movements of people. When you visit a place with Helicopter, it becomes tough for you take a video perfectly though you want to do it a lot. Now, this new flying video camera will surely fulfill your desire.

It is quite amazing that you will be able to share the video streaming and photographs which are captured by the camera. This can be done with this camera is the camera will have Bluetooth and WI-Fi and by using them you can upload the photographs and video streaming in your smart phone. Therefore you can enjoy watching the views from the helicopter because you will not used to be busy to capture those for sharing the photographs with your friends. The camera will do everything for you.

Algorithms of three patented stabilization assists the camera to stay on the flight. The name of this device is McCam. It will have a processor of 1.5 GHz cortex A9 and it has a 1 GB RAM in it.

There will be a micro-SD card for keeping the captured photographs and videos. With the brilliant storage facility, it will also have the capabilities of Blue tooth and Wifi to connect with the smart phones. This device is always getting innovated. The price of these flying cameras starts from $49.

Well, a lot more innovative works are going on for this device. A lot more features will be added to this device. Therefore, you will come to know a lot more things about this new device in the recent days. It is quite sure that the device will not be launched before 2014. Therefore if you want a flying camera in your helicopter you have to wait for another year.

According to some people this camera will help a lot in journalism as they will be able to take a lot of streaming from above and can then share them with the help of Android phones. This camera is expected to be extremely small in size.

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