Canon PowerShot Elph 500 HS

The 12.1 mega pixel Canon PowerShot Elph 500 HS surprises users with its fastness, sharpness and dynamic set of features. This compact camera is the queen bee of the Elph line, coming in at just under $300. The price might seem a bit strange to those who have done their research and know that a better camera is a bucks away, but that doesn’t discount the 500 HS as a good buy.

The touch-screen LCD screen measures 3.2 inches, and offers users 461,000 dots, which is twice that of normal compact camera screens. In fact, it competes with cameras much more expensive. The high resolution makes it one of the sharpest compact cameras out there.

The screen is quick to the touch to bring you the menu you contacted. The interface pairs well with the responsiveness. The buttons are big, and all the main functions are represented on the screen. The necessary physical buttons are included, such as the playback button and the zoom trigger. Atop the casing users will find the mode switch, power and zoom.

The camera itself measures 2.18×3.96×0.98 inches. Its small size makes it ideal for pocketing, and the 6.5 weight it boasts isn’t exactly back-breaking. The 500 HS also sets itself apart in with its design, as its edges are tapered out. Users can buy the 500 HS in silver, brown or pink, a bizarre color set.

Connections include the USB and HDMI ports for syncing with computers and HDTVs. They’re located on the side of the device under a plastic flap. The lens of the camera is located in the dead center, as is the flash, so users don’t have to worry about accidentally covering it up with their fingers.

The lens can function from f/2.0 to f/5.8. At this point, readers should close their jaw; yes, the 500 HS functions well in low light with no need for the flash. That same lens reaches a limit at 24mm, but the zoom takes it to 105mm. Although not as powerful a zoom as some cheaper competitors, the 4.4x zoom on this camera is sufficient for many users.

Where the zoom might be short for some, the 500 HS fills in the blank with its speed. The camera takes shots very quickly. Only a slight shutter delay exists, and sometimes the zoom skips a beat.

Finally, users will be plenty impressed by the HD video capture of the 500 HS. With the ability to take clear video shooting 1080p at 24 fps, the camera is a film camera in hiding. Even the stereo microphone is intellectually attractive, as it’s capable of translating directional sounds quite accurately. Users can even tweak the zoom and autofocus while filming.

The 500 HS is a worthy king of Canon’s Elph line, and users will be happy with their purchase.

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