Best SEO Friendly WordPress Plugins For A Higher Ranking

Digital presence in India and globally is on the rise. With increased internet penetration and with the launch of the Digital Indian Week, more and more people will get sensitized to the advantages of going online and making use of the internet in every activity they perform.

With such rapid digitization, any company or organization which is not present on the digital arena would be making a grave and foolish mistake. Companies face newer challenges of reaching out to their target audiences with increased competition and the importance of Search Engine Optimization is suddenly interesting all businesses which handle an online presence.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to go online is to launch a website about your business and WordPress is the best tool for the job. There are over 50 million websites published on WordPress and each one of them aims to be on the first page when it comes to search engine page ranks.

Best SEO Friendly WordPress Plugins For A Higher Ranking

In order to make your WordPress website more detectable on Google and improve your SEO, you must make use of these top SEO friendly WordPress plugins which ensures your business is being noticed and potential customers are actually learning about you and discovering you:


This is one of the best and most popular WordPress plugin used for SEO. It can manage your entire website including your posts, comments and various pages. It has some great easy to use features like drag and drop which helps you insert the keyword you desire in one click. It also comes with keyword research which helps you find long tail keywords allowing you to save time.

It can analyse your pages and posts with its unique algorithm and also lets you know the statistics about your SEO. It checks for H1, H2 and H3 tags as well as internal linking as well as outbound linking which helps you assign pages with ease to particular keywords. It also has the feature to check your images as well as the meta tags associated with them.

Through this plugin you can easily manage social media as well thanks to its ability to add a Facebook open graph as well as Twitter meta tags. SEO couldn’t be easier than this thanks to this amazing, all-purpose plugin.

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All In One SEO Pack

This is a plugin that will make online business owners, ecommerce players and bloggers very happy. This is a great plug in which also comes in a pro version which brings advanced features such as installation and support which is not available in its free version.

This is a great plugin for novices who do not know the SEO nuances in detail. This plugin helps you by automatically optimizing images as well as onpage optimization by working on the meta description, meta tags and keywords as well as checking the titles being used for the images.

This is a great plugin for ecommerce websites as well as it can check for duplicate pages and prevent penalties that beginners usually make. It’s a great tool for those who aren’t too adept at SEO as it meets all their requirements.

WP Social

Just having a website which is SEO friendly isn’t enough. Your business also needs a strong social presence as it’s a great platform to find potential customers and this plugin helps you with your social presence. Having a strong social presence is one of the factors Google considers while it assigns search engine page ranks and you must make sure to make use of social media share buttons, twitter meta tags and Facebook open graphs.

It’s an easy to use plugin that can be used in tandem with other popular plugins without hindrance. You can add snippets to your articles and blogs and it makes sure your page gets attention on social media by also adding itemprop tags to the titles of all your posts. This greatly enhances Google search page rankings. Get this great plugin to never miss the social scene!

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WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin has scored a 4.7 rating on 5 and has crossed 4.5 million downloads which makes it reason enough to download this plugin for the ultimate SEO for your page. The plugin helps you keep pace with social media by allowing you to integrate the Facebook open graph as well as twitter meta data.

Along with this it provides onpage analysis and lets you know insights about your pages such as the keyword density and also helps you position your keywords better. It helps analysis both inbound and outbound links to make sure your page gets a good rank.

If you run a blog this plugin also helps you optimise your content so that the relevant audience can interact with your content thanks to its Flesch Reading Ease feature. This is a great plugin with advanced options to answer all your SEO queries.

SEO Friendly Images

Images play a vital role for websites especially for content writers and bloggers. Many a times people click on their posts due to engaging images and posts can garner views if it offers entertaining images even if the content is not too strong because people are more captivated by interesting images.

This is why you need SEO Friendly Images which adds alternate as well as title tags to images on all the posts. It will be able to use your post’s title as a keyword and then implement it. This feature helps make your articles become W3C/xHTML valid and the images become Google friendly.

Whether you run a small business, a giant conglomerate or whether you’re into blogging, the deal changer for any business big or small is always the SEO and with these easy to use plugins, SEO is no longer a daunting aspect to streamline. These plugins will definitely help your business get noticed.

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