Application industry and iPhone

Ever since the smartphones started to come into the lives of people, the application industry started expanding exponentially. Many might not know but it is a billion dollar industry and its revenue is expected to reach levels of $15 billion before 2011 ends.

It all started with Apple’s App Store, an online place from where applications can be downloaded and it became an instant hit. Since then it has played a major role in success of the iPhone and other tablet devices as well. After all, it is the applications on the gadget that gives it a whole new dimension.

Apple store has seen more than 10billion downloads so far and of those, free applications are in the minority. This shows the popularity of paid applications and that the users don’t mind paying for trying something new or something that is really good. A chunk of these applications are games which are popular with people of all ages.

Games are one of the things that people always look for while buying a smartphone, doesn’t matter age or the occupation, there should be something to make the free time enjoyable. Many companies have invested time and labor and have made loads of profits from it. The application market has seen a rise in smaller companies and also individuals who put their product online. It has provided employment to lots of people and many have got self employed too.

It is not only the paid applications that make money or the big companies do. If the application is good enough, it is sure to get appreciated by the users. The free applications earn from the ads that are provided with them. In all this, Apple too earns by taking a percentage of what an application makes.

Apple doesn’t allow everyone to upload an application to the store. It needs to come from a developer who can be trusted for which they have in place a selection process and rigorous tests are done before a person is given the developers certificate and allowed to upload their product. They have strict guidelines too on what the product should and should not have which improves quality as well as security of the applications being uploaded.

The application market is not limited to Apple only, each mobile manufacturer has a store of their own for example, Nokia has its Ovi Store, Android based mobiles have their Android Market. These days it has increasingly become important for people to look at the range of applications in the market that they can explore before deciding on what to buy. Apple clearly is the favorite in this respect with most number of applications and many of the highest quality but Android is catching up very fast and is expected to be the leader some time in 2014.

As one can see, the application market is really important to the success of iPhone and its competitors and with companies fighting to be at the top, users are the ones to benefit the most as competition will only bring better products that are sure to amaze everyone.

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