API Documentation- What Is It and Why To Document?

Creating documentation is one of the things that are frightened by various developers. It takes huge effort as well as time to get accurate. And too frequently, people go by shortcuts. This is depressing, as well planned documentation is the main element to making people keyed up about your plan, even if it is open source or a developer oriented product.

Indeed, the most significant part of UX for a developer oriented product is not the homepage, the registration process or the SDK download. But, it is the API documentation!

If you are creating a developer oriented product, the documentation is at core to the user experience since the endpoints themselves.

API Documentation- What Is It and Why To Document

In this post, we will discover what it signifies to document your API, and why it is essential to have high-quality API documentation. 

What is API Documentation?

API documentation is a technological content distributor, involving instructions regarding how to successfully use and incorporate into an API. It is a brief orientation manual including all the information needed to work with the API, with features of functions, return types, classes, arguments and lot more, sustained by examples and tutorials.

Why to Document APIs?

Surrounded by all the stages in the lifecycle of API, documentation is perhaps the region representing the maximum growth. This is particularly correct with the tooling system in the region of documentation. It is fascinating to make a note of this trend, as documentation is usually something that developers give little consideration to when introducing code. Indeed, it is very simple to apply code than to create good documentation.

But, this is due to its direct influence on implementation and practice. You can encompass the best and useful product, but nobody will employ it if they do not understand how to. Documentation is the base for the best Developer Experience.

Adoption prototypes are already moving towards developers. One big cause for using good API documentation is that it enhances the knowledge for developers employing your API, which has a direct association with API adoption.

The network outcome is the occurrence when a product or service becomes more precious when more people employ it. Your contented customers will be the API’s main advocates. Since additional users take on your APIs and get to significant mass, there will be a possible growth in sermonizing and tittle-tattle by your contented customers, directing to the network effect.

Additionally, to driving improved awareness and implementation for your API, the best documentation also reduces the sum of time expended on-boarding latest users, be it in-house developers or outside partners.

And lastly, documentation guides to high-quality product continuation. It assists your inner teams find out the aspects of your resources, processes, and their linked requests and reactions, making continuance and updates faster.

To conclude, the path to a developer’s heart is huge documentation. And, huge documentation needs a lot of investment, i.e., the best API documentation platform. But, this kind of investment is essential for a developer product like the API itself. 

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