Almost the whole world is going crazy about Adobe’s new announcement. It has declared to give away the Creative Suit 2. Photoshop’s CS2 version is also included in this. This has become the center of attraction for all. All the consumers of Abode appreciate this decision.

But the matter of fact is that the CS2 download link is not exactly working. If you go on to the link then it will display a message, stating the temporary unavailability of the site. You will be asked to try again later.

The fishy matter is that the entire website is running smoothly without any obstructions. But, this link has been unavailable for a time greater than two hours. Adobe has a newsroom page, where all the updates and new offers are displayed for the consumer’s knowledge. But there has been no sign of the CS2 offer in the news room page. With the entire site of adobe functioning normally, the CS2 offer is not shown on its main page either.

This has become a hot topic in the world of technology. Creative Suite is considered to be leading the list of programs that are pirated. The pirated programs of the different versions of CS are in great demand. The news about Adobe deciding on giving away the older version of one of the most wanted programs, has brought a whirlpool in the tech world.

There has been a heavy downpour of comments on the technical sites regarding this move of Adobe. One of the users, Paul G, presented his views on Gizmodo, saying that this great move of Adobe has given the users an opportunity to explore and utilize the entire suite legally. This might just help in decreasing piracy to a certain extent.

The pricing does not seem to end. Rocket Jam, another user of Adobe, appreciates the deal. He has been an old user of Photoshop CS2 and still uses it. He explains that CS2 can do 95% of the work done by CS6 and yet is much less bloated.

There is a different angle regarding this decision as well. Certain users have analyzed this situation and commented on what! According to them, adobe was actually trying to make the process of re-downloading easier for the people who had already bought this software. But instead, a technical fault took place. But, the company has not made any comment on this assumption yet.

The point to be noted is that Adobe has not made any formal announcement regarding the deal at all. If this step has been taken by purpose, then it is but obvious for the company to declare it and show off its new giveaway. Even if it is considered that this is just a mistake then also the company should clarify it to the users that they have downloaded a technically illegal copy of the software CS2.

But, from the company’s profit point of view, it would be very silly of Adobe to make any such clarifications. They can take advantage of this situation by obtaining the names, contacts and addresses of thousands of people.

You never know, this is what the company’s actual intention might be!

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