6 Quick But Important Ways How Blockchain Technology Will Change the World We Live In

There are many exciting things happening in the technology space right now. We have self-driving cars, drone deliveries, advanced robots and a host of revolutionary new developments. One real game changer that tends to fly under the radar is blockchain technology.

Here are just a few areas that blockchain is changing the world:

Health system

Blockchain could maintain a safe record of our medical history. The same data can also be used, confidentially, for research as well as disease prevention and control.

Banking and Finance

This is probably one of the fastest growing areas in which blockchain technology is being applied.  Traditional banks have realized the threat as well as the opportunity blockchain presents and are rapidly trying to adjust the way they operate.



As blockchain can keep a secure record for a multiple government uses, such as identification documents, passports, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, and firearm licenses


Blockchain offers a much safer and more secure alternative for data storage. We have seen epic examples of data breaches in recent years that hurt many companies badly. 

Copyright, Intellectual Property and Asset Ownership and Transfer

The artists will have better tools to protect the rights to their work as well as market their own material and collect royalties. 


It will ensure better academic achievements storage and eliminate the issues of CV fraud.

The Sharing Economy

With a boom of this sector, blockchain will ensure more security, by being more correct and interconnected. In ride-sharing, as an example,  blockchain will be helpful ensure toll fees, parking and fuel are safely recorder and correctly charged for.


These are just a few examples of existing ways in which blockchain can change the world. 

There is no doubt that the future will look very different as a result of blockchain.

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