5 Must Watch YouTube Channels For Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts love reading about cars and learning about each car’s features. Learning more, will help people make educated decisions about cars they wish to purchase. Negotiations will be easier when buyers know all of the pertinent information. Consider these five YouTube channels for car enthusiasts:

1. Auto Car YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel provides information on cars that are newly released. The website also features cars that are in the pre-release stage. This channel is recommended for people who are avid car enthusiasts.

2. Motor Trend YouTube Channel

Motor Trend offers drivers information from the point of view of a driver who has the opportunity to drive the cars and share their experiences. This site provides the most accurate reviews of any YouTube channel online. People of all types can depend on these reviews to determine what type of car they want to purchase.


If you want an exotic car, try EVO TV. This YouTube channel is British-based and is updated frequently to provide the latest information about the exotic cars such as Ferrari. In fact, this car is frequently showcased.

4. Fast Lane Daily

This channel is hosted by a team of car enthusiasts who have insider knowledge and expertise. These experts check vehicles while videotaping on Monday and Wednesday. The news-based show is also on-air Thursday and Friday, but reviews are more serious on these days. The YouTube channels typically discuss news about the latest car releases and the car’s features. Fast Lane Daily is a good resource for people who want to learn more about certain vehicles.

5. Car and Driver YouTube Channel

Car and Driver YouTube channel is based off the popular magazine and helps people understand more about the cars recently released. This new channel was introduced to the public in May 2012. The collaboration between Car and Driver magazine, Road and Track magazine and Popular mechanics is how Car and Driver was born.

The channel has more than 70,000 subscribers and features shows such as Battle of the Beaters, Driver Rehab and The Full Hoon. As hosts such as Nick Stevens address problem driving habits of the world and also other driving issues, the world learns more about driving, cars, and other driving related topics.

Car Enthusiasts are Entertained By YouTube

Car enthusiasts are entertained by hosts and comedians while they learn more about the new cars, engines and driving styles. YouTube is a relief from reading the magazine. The audio and visual presentation is of high quality and streams well. The best part is that it can be streamed and watched in the airport or a coffee shop while waiting for a client or friend. These YouTube channels are becoming a huge success for car enthusiasts.

Written by Carlos J.

Carlos is a self-confessed car enthusiast. He has recently bought his dream car, a Skyline GTT, and is planning to sell his used Subaru to make room for his new toy.

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