3 Ways Your Mobile Device May Actually Improve Your Health

If you turn on the news or read an article in a magazine, it’s likely you’ve seen something about how we as humans spend too much time on our mobile devices and not enough time interacting with each other. While this may be true at times, did you know those mobile devices can actually aide in improving our health? Below we’ve shared several ways in which advances in technology are making it so we as humans are able to do more of what it takes to improve the quality of our lives and in turn, spend more time with those we care about.


Whether you live in a rural community with little-to-no access to proper medical care, you’re disabled and have a hard time leaving your home, or you’re just a private person who prefers handling what you can in the comfort of your home, telemedicine could be the perfect option for you! If you’re unfamiliar with telemedicine, it’s a process that allows health care professionals to evaluate, treat, and diagnose patients at a distance using devices such as their mobile phones or tablets. If this approach is right for you, the benefits are endless. Telemedicine patients have found they’re able to spend more of their time off of work with their loved ones rather than at a doctor’s office. Treatment through telemedicine not only offers ease and convenience but also lessens your risk of picking up potential sicknesses you may be exposed to in an office-like setting.

Telemedicine offerings can be found throughout the medical world, so it’s likely there’s an option for whatever issue you may be dealing with. Companies like BetterHelp provide their clients with online therapy at the tap of a finger. They offer a number of options, including unlimited messaging therapy, which ensures a therapist is at your service anytime you need to talk. Sister-wellness brands hims and hers offer their clients the option to live chat with a certified medical professional who will listen to their concerns and from there, properly diagnose them. The companies each offer various prescription products such as, a medication to treat erectile dysfunction in men, and, a prescription used to treat HSDD in females. Companies like this are the perfect example of allowing a patient the option to seek treatment for an issue they may feel embarrassed discussing in person, which is just one of the many wonderful benefits telemedicine has to offer.

Fitness Apps

Keeping track of all the physical activity you do throughout the day can be tough and likely guarantee some inaccuracies. Whether you’re looking to track the steps you’ve taken or your average heart, there’s an app for that! Fitness apps provide you with the flexibility to maintain accountability everywhere you go and the best part is, there are so many you can download for free. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have the ability to stream it from your smart tv or computer which means you can complete your workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Some of these apps even come with the option to add an accountability coach to help you stay on track and meet your end goal!

If you want to take it a step further, you can invest in a device to wear around your wrist, also known as a Fitbit. This resembles a watch in looks but can do a lot more than just tell time! The Fitbit measures your daily steps, along with heart rate and even quality of sleep. The beauty of this is that you can personalize the settings depending on what goals you’re aiming to achieve.

Dietary Apps

Looking to lose a few pounds, redefine your relationship with food or just improve your overall health? There’s an app for that! We’re human and it’s only natural that we will slip up once in a while, especially when it comes to our diets. Relying on an app to teach us and help keep us accountable is nothing to be ashamed of. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, companies like WW, formerly Weight Watchers, provide their clients with the option to do it on their own or have a personal coach to help guide them when they feel like they’re derailing a bit. Although joining WW is not free, the company provides plans to fit every budget. If you’re looking to go the free route, apps like MyFitnessPal provide calorie counting cost-free. This site, and others like it, often offer a blog its members can visit which contain success stories and recipes to try at home.

While at times it may be true we spend too much of our lives glued to our phones or mobile devices and not enough time engaging in conversation, there are upsides that can actually help us maintain our health. What’s important is finding the proper balance and what works best for you in order to maintain a happy, healthy life!

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