3 Apps that Aim to Make Life a Little Bit Easier

We’re halfway through 2020 and now more than ever, people are relying on technology to complete many of their daily tasks. Some may consider it lazy to purchase a robotic vacuum or use a mobile device to get you from point a to point b. However, we’re living in the age of convenience so why not utilize shortcuts here and there to save ourselves some time? 

Because technology has grown so popular, especially over the past decade, many companies are developing apps and resources to improve accessibility of their products for consumers. 

Below, we’re shedding light on three companies whose apps are changing the everyday life of their users for the better and making everyday tasks even simpler.


Everyone’s experienced that dreaded moment when you’re out to dinner with a group of friends and the bill comes. Some people have cash, others only have their card. Some people ordered drinks, others didn’t. Suddenly, everyone has their calculators out trying to determine what they owe right down to the cent. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and embarrassing! Did you ever wish that you could just tell your friends you’d take care of the bill, but were worried about them paying you back? Have no fear, there’s a solution for that:Venmo. This app, which is owned by PayPal, was originally founded in 2009, but didn’t truly hit the scene until 2018. 

It’s co-founders, Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail created this app which allows users to make and share payments almost instantly. The two co-founders met while attending the University of Pennsylvania after being paired up as roommates during their freshman year. The company really got off the ground after a simple dare took place among Kortina, Magdon-Ismail and a group of their friends. They bet a friend $50,000 to buy and wear a t-shirt they found to be comical. The co-founders were shocked when the friend held up his part of the bet but thankful they had the money as Venmo had already been acquired by Braintree for $26 million just three years prior. They were able to transfer the money on the spot, which was then returned the next morning after realizing that probably wasn’t the smartest bet! However, this was a wake up call which caused the men to become more serious about their venture.  

Today, Venmo is the top service when it comes to peer-to-peer payment apps. Last year, over $18 billion were transferred between the app’s users, and that number is only expected to increase. Venmo not only allows its users to make and share payments, but they also have the ability to connect to people within the app, make purchases, and transfer money directly to their bank accounts. Venmo can make everything from paying rent to chipping in on a birthday gift that much simpler! To see what’s new with Venmo, follow them on social media via their Instagram account


Picture this; you and your bestie decide to have an impromptu movie but don’t feel like leaving the house for snacks. Or maybe you’re a sleep deprived parent with a new baby at home and completely forgot to grab a pack of wipes when you ran out to the store earlier in the day but you’ve just used your last one. Have you ever wished you could grab your phone and order whatever you needed to be delivered to your door? Good news: with goPuff you can do just that! goPuff is a mobile delivery app that was created in 2013 by two Drexel University students. Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev began their business offering on-demand hookah delivery but quickly expanded once they realized the need for other goods was there. 

The co-founders, who were sophomores at the time, decided that having to constantly stock their living quarters with snacks was taking up too much time. They were making numerous trips to the store when they could have been studying or enjoying all the college life had to offer. They spent some time crafting a business plan and began making deliveries across campus in their own vehicle! They supplied students with all the convenience store staples and eventually, the service caught on and the name stuck. 

Today, goPuff has 200+ facilities nationwide, and employs over 3,000 workers. What started out as an idea between two college buddies resulted in a service that can help to make customer’s lives easier each day. goPuff offers an array of products ranging from your favorite snack items to household essentials. The best part is most areas offer 24/7 service so you never have to be without an item when the need is there. To learn more about goPuff and keep up with the latest news, check out their Facebook page.

Air B and B

Whether it’s your bestie’s bachelorette party, your last-minute overnight trip to explore a nearby city, or your family reunion, planning a vacation can be stressful. Hotels can be pricey, especially for a larger group, and often need to be booked quite far in advance. This is when you enlist the help of Air B and B. Founded in 2008 byBrian Chesky,Joe Gebbia Jr.,, and Nathan Blecharczyk, Air B and B offers arrangements for lodging, primarily homestays and tourism experiences. 

The company was born when the co-founders wound up with a mattress on their living room floor in order to combat the high cost of rent in San Diego. Their apartment basically became a bed and breakfast, which inspired the name Air Bed and Breakfast, later shortened to Air B and B. The important thing to know about this company is that they do not in fact own the real estate but instead, act as brokers between the owners and tenants. This makes it possible for them to receive a commission off each rental, but still gives the property owner an opportunity to make money, as well. 

Air B and B is simple to use and can be accessed through a computer or any mobile device. Guests can search for lodging as specifically as they want by utilizing filters within the app. There are various filters one can set when searching in order to bring back the results they desire, for example, if you’re looking for a house with a pool, there’s a filter for that. Past guests are also given the option to leave reviews based on cleanliness, comfortability and the host’s hospitality. Booking your next vacation through Air B and B can help to ease that stressful feeling leaving you more time to kick back and relax once you’ve arrived at your dream destination! To see if Air B and B has the perfect housing for your next trip, visit their website here and check out the available listings.

Using technology to help make your day-to-day life a little easier is nothing you should feel embarrassed by. Although some people choose to go a more traditional route and use a paper map rather than a GPS or would rather grocery shop for themselves, you must keep in mind that everyone is different. If you’re not already implementing the technologies we mentioned above and are interested in learning more about other available app options out there, consider doing some research to see what may be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

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