Month: December 2013

Analytics Has Helped Ford To Attain Success And Prosper

Like all automakers Ford has adopted extensive market research and surveys to conquer the heart of the drivers. But Mike Cavaretta, project leader for the predictive analytics at Ford feels that it does not give a holistic picture. He feels that data needs to be standardized to enable comparisons. For specific information and customer reviews […]

MRSA Toxins Can Be Combated With Nano Sponge Vaccine

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) forms highly harmful pore forming toxins.  Nano sponges can effectively soak this toxin and can act as important vaccines against the toxin. Research shows that the Nano sponge vaccine could ensure safety by acting as a hindrance the alpha-haemolysin toxin from MRSA. The vaccine helped to avert the adverse effect of […]

Growing Importance Of Nano Fibers In Biomedical And Healthcare

Nano fibers are significant and useful one-dimensional Nano materials which have gained increasing popularity in the current years. The inherent properties of Nano fibers make it an important component in the healthcare industry and in the field of biomedical. Nano fibers comprise of biodegradable or biocompatible substances. The porous nature of the substance and the […]

Japan Airlines Removes 787 And Leaves Boeing, GE In Disbelief

Japan airlines are known for being aware of safety. It has pulled certain Boeings from flying in particular international routes due to the risk of ice forming on engines. The pilots have been asked to avoid thunderstorms which may form ice crystals. Boeing 787 has been taken off from routes where the icing conditions are […]

Is Sony Really Making Only $18 Per Playstation 4 Sold?

Would you be astounded to learn that Sony is making just $18 from every one of the new Playstation 4 units sold? The numbers may be hard to believe, but they are accurate. Even with the $399 pricetage on the Playstation 4, Sony is making less than a twenty-spot on them. The good news is, […]

WSU Expands Campus Reach to Train For Aerospace Jobs

As the Aerospace industry grows, so does the need for educated and highly trained aerospace workers. Washington State University is one of the schools who recognize that need for qualified workers, and they are creating a branch campus that will focus on delivering aerospace workers to the companies that need them. The new branch campus […]