Month: December 2013

Create Faces And Move Fingers To Experience Perceptual Computing At Intel

Perceptual computing is an important concept which the tech giants like Intel are adopting. Anil Nanduri, the director of perceptual products & solutions at Intel feels that perceptual computing is going to be everywhere soon. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company will furnish the interested individuals with details and demos soon. […]

Sea Level Could Rise More Than Three Feet This Century

Experts are predicting that this century alone, sea levels are going to rise a significant amount. By the year 2100, scientists are estimating that there will be an increase of 70 to 120 centimeters if the world does not do something about greenhouse gasses. This is obviously nothing new, the general idea that researchers think […]

The Science of Making Up Your Mind

A study published by the University of British Columbia claims that the region of the brain that determines avoidance behavior and is supposed to be linked to depression has new information, and is getting another round of research from experts in the field, after a study showed that there was a significant amount of decision […]

Going Green Automaker in Red for $139 Million

It looks like taxpayers will have to foot the bill for a plan from the U.S. Department of Energy that failed. They took a chance with a green automaker for many millions of dollars and ended up going into the red. The announcement was made on Friday by the Obama Administration. The total price tag […]

Comtech Systems Inc. Is Awarded A $6.3 Million Contract By A North African Government For Providing Telecommunication Equipment

The Comtech Systems, Inc. subsidiary under the proprietorship of the renowned Comtech Telecommunications Corp. has received an accompanying contract worth 6.3 million dollars. This news was recently announced by the Comtech Telecommunications. The add-on contract is awarded to implement the next phase of deploying a topnotch telecommunication system for a communication network under a North […]

FCC May Change In-Flight Phone Call Policy

The Federal Communications Commission may change the policy concerning in-flight telephone calls. Right now, passengers are restricted from using mobile phones on airplanes, but the new FCC rule would mean that passengers are able to be able to call or text if the airplane is flying above 10,000 feet. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released a […]