10 Examples of Marketing Campaign on the Internet

Marketers are the most exciting set of people who always look towards being the host of some innovative and creative marketing campaigns. There is still something inspiring about seeing others in such a profession with pulling out the big guns and launching a brilliant marketing campaign like no one has ever seen before. These examples are suggested by b2b marketing agency.

Data, technology, and new platforms have given the online marketing campaigns the ability to adjust and respond to almost all the customer actions in real-time. These marketing campaigns and activities often fall into the category of “interactive marketing” that happens on an everyday basis and give individuals a unique, one-on-one exchange with any significant brand that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

  • Contests
  • Quizzes, polls, and surveys operations
  • Events and live experiences
  • Go beyond video designing by exploring proper two-way video communication.
  • Record all the necessary experiences so it can be used for additional marketing campaigns and opportunities.
  • Make sure your marketing campaigns aim at achieving organization goals
  • Marketing campaigns are also responsible for selling the company too, and not just the product available.
  • People often love personalized results, and so use the marketing campaigns towards this side.
  • Showcase real employees whenever possible or get a chance.
  • Providing a unique offer towards the end will help in encouraging people to complete the video on time.
  • Tie in all the real business results, which will show the marketing campaign’s worth.
  • Utilize the broader range of microsite which will help you ensure great user experience.

Experiential marketing is a pattern that focuses on creating new and better experiences between significant brands and consumers using marketing campaigns.

Experiential marketing differs from the heavy use of interactive marketing, which in the term is the experiential process taking form in real-life, not through any video or other digital interaction.

Experiential marketing can encompass things of marketing campaigns which are followed by a B2B marketing agency are –

  • Live experiences
  • Roadshows
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Events

Some things get the most attention and become viral marketing campaigns in common. They usually leverage a high range of technology in a way that hasn’t been ever done before. It also includes some sort of social sharing feature that helps increase the marketing campaign’s reach.

Innovative Integrated Marketing Campaigns demands integrated marketing communications, which is defined as a marketing approach involving and creating a unified and seamless brand message to portray to the public.

It will aim to infuse all aspects of marketing campaigns such as advertising, PR, social media, and other traditional channels so that they involve in working together to present a proper unified messaging experience.

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